Yes, there are some excellent cluster bring-up tools like  Terraform and EKSCTL, but then what? 

  • How do you go about provisioning, scaling and managing a regional or global fleet of clusters? 
  • How do you govern, operate, upgrade and secure those clusters?
  • How do you extend cluster management to your on-premise locations?
  • How do you do all of this easily from a single pane of glass? 

Rafay Systems is the ‘easy button’ for Kubernetes cluster management and Kubernetes applications lifecycle management. Rafay provides development, operations, and site reliability engineering teams an integrated product that tames cluster and distribution sprawl, while vastly improving team productivity.

Join This Free Webinar and Demonstration to Learn About:

  • How to get started with multi cluster management in Amazon EKS
  • Provisioning production-grade clusters in Amazon and on-premises in less than 30 minutes.
  • Ensuring governance, audit and security guardrails for your Kubernetes environment

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0318 Webinar Speaker_Mohan
Mohan Atreya
Vice President, Products of Rafay Systems